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Kent Natural Foods Co-op started in 1972 as a buying club. Members pooled their money to buy products at a discount. Members picked up their deliveries at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent. The store eventually found a home in downtown Kent’s Franklin Hotel and grew almost as big as it is now. They shared space with the Peaceable Kingdom Bakery and a restaurant, which caught fire one night, destroying the businesses and leaving the hotel to decay for more than two decades. Kent Natural Foods moved to North Water Street, but business suffered until they were able to purchase a storefront on Main St. Soon they expanded into the next-door shop to add a walk-in cooler.

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We welcome all members, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. We are a fair-share organization – one member, one vote. We are a community-centered business that puts people first. We will educate the community about natural foods and provide healthy and sustainable food options for all of our customers. We pride ourselves on great customer service.


The Co-op was governed by consensus until 2010, when our bylaws were updated to elect a nine-member,  governing board.
The Co-op Board of Trustees meets monthly to decide co-op policy and discuss monthly reports from the Finance, Outreach, Staff, Personnel, IT-Website and Facilties committees. Meeting minutes will be posted in the store for members to review.


We are a Full-Service Grocery with departments including Produce, Packaged Goods, Vitamins, Beverages, Dairy, Frozen, Refrigerated, Health and Beauty, Bulk Health and Beauty, Bulk Herbs, Herbal Supplements, Household Goods, Kitchen Wares, Coffee, Chips, Chocolate and Candy.

Member Benefits

Members receive 5% off on all purchases and can volunteer for an extra discount up to 25% off.

Members get an even bigger discount for bulk purchases. Talk to us about special ordering your supplies in bulk.


Our soil is a finite resource. Soil is formed from organic material which is composted by worms and bacteria. Industrial farming processes deplete soil nutrients over time, but traditional practices like crop rotation can help. Organic processes preserve soil health and enhance natural soil bacteria, creating a nutrient-rich environment for the best tasting and most nutritious produce.

Organic farmers prefer to grow traditional, heirloom seed lines developed over hundreds of years for proven yields that breed saveable seeds. 

The Organic Standard

Modeled on European Organic standards, the USDA certifies farms and suppliers for organic compliance. 

The U.S. Organic standard means your products are no-GMO, pesticide-free and sludge-free. 

Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming uses composting techniques to build the soil, such as crop rotation and cover crop planting, no-till farming and organic soil amendment.
Unlike industrial monocropping, biodynamic farming enhances the soil for sustainable yields.

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Contact us at (330) 673-2878


Fill out an application and pay the annual or lifetime membership fee. Call (330) 673-2878 for more info.

We carry dozens of popular, natural foods brands including Eden, Cascadian Farms, Solgar, Now, Bob’s Red Mill, Lakewood Organics, Wyndmere and Bionatura.

More than fifty years since our start as a buying club in 1972. We continue to grow inventory as our buyers grow their experience.

About 3,000 members.

Co-op General Meetings happen once a year and Co-op Board Meetings happen once a month. Meetings are open to the public and we encourage members to participate.


Fill out a volunteer card and earn 2% off for the next month for every hour you work, up to 25% in a month.

We are an inclusive and welcoming organization

Kent Natural FoodS Co-op TURNS 50!