Creating Local Food Networks

  Kent Natural Foods Co-op is dedicated to building local food networks, including local farmers, bakers, and canners. We provide locally-grown eggs that have great color and flavor, as well as delicious, locally-bottled milk (free from added hormones). Organic farmers provide us with produce including kale, potatoes, tomatoes, bok choy, carrots, beets and lettuce (in season). We prioritize local produce, which means that we may sell local produce that is not organically certified (indicated in our signage), but we work with those farmers to encourage organic practices.

  We work with regional flour mills, and Ohio bakeries to provide fresh grain-based products, and we supply customers with canned goods produced locally, including Hot Pepper / Ginger tonics. Our connections to Amish farming country keep us stocked with a wide variety of wonderful cheeses, including Ohio-produced cheddar, swiss, havarti, and chipotle cheeses. Locally made soaps, salves and beauty creams are also popular items! We also promote local artisans, musicians, silk-screeners and tie-dyers in our gift case on a space-available basis.

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