Increase your store discount by volunteering!

  Members who volunteer receive an extra two-percent discount on purchases for every hour that they work in the store, in addition to their normal discount, up to a maximum discount of 25% per month.
   For example, a member-volunteer who works for five hours in February, will receive the regular 5% member discount plus a 10% discount in the month of March, for a total of 15% off on every purchase!

   There are many ways that volunteers serve the co-op. Some members volunteer to participate on planning committees, while some bag produce after delivery. Some volunteers handpack nuts and dried fruit, while others create office forms, or count inventory. Volunteers even tiled the floor, and repaired the roof in past work projects. Whatever your skills, we can use your help getting good food on the shelf for our customers!

  Learn about natural foods while you work. Volunteering is a great option for reducing your food costs.