Providing Healthy Products for Your Family:
Organic, Natural, and Local Foods with the highest-quality ingredients.

The Kent Natural Foods Philosophy:

Whole Foods, Whole Grains
Brown Rice is far more nutritious than White Rice
Whole Wheat contains wheat bran and wheat germ

Meeting Your Dietary Needs
Salt-Free, Low-Sugar, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Products

No artificial ingredients!
Eliminate chemical additives, flavoring agents and added hormones

Whenever possible, we strive to provide an Organic-certified product

Locally grown products have more nutritional value and are fresher

Healthy Oils
We avoid saturated fats in favor of cholesterol-reducing fats like Olive and Flax

Natural ingredients
Our vitamins and herbal supplements are plant-based whenever possible

Omega Three
We provide refrigerated flax, hemp and fish oils

Artisanal Cheeses
Cheese from Ohio's Amish country

Cruelty-Free Products
No animals suffer for your Health and Beauty

Non-toxic Products
Our household products are made without toxic chemicals

BGA-Free Milk (No Bovine Growth Hormones)
Our dairy suppliers do not feed growth hormones to their cows

Every product in our store is selected carefully to ensure the highest quality ingredients, the maximum nutrition and the safest formulation to preserve and enhance your health!