Governance & Staff

KNFC is a democratic cooperative, aligned with the International Cooperative Alliance principles. We operate with annual meetings of the general membership, where we elect co-op members to a nine-member board of trustees and determine bylaws for the corporation.

The trustees select corporate officers from its membership: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The president is responsible for chairing board meetings, the secretary for recording meeting minutes and the treasurer for reporting on store finances. Board members are also required to volunteer in the store on a regular basis.

The Trustees appoint a personnel committee made up of one staff member and two community members to assess and recommend employee policy. Other committees include finance, outreach, and facilities. E-mail us to join our Google Group mailing list.

Our Bylaws were developed during cooperative meetings in the early 1990’s and have been revised several times by the general membership.

2019–2020 Board of Trustees

Becca Zak – President
Anita Gontkovsky – Vice President
Fred Pierre – Secretary
John Gargan – Treasurer

2019–2020 Board Members

William Neverman
Mary Jayne Stone
Elizabeth Ryan
Jere Sitko
Jeff Ingram

Election to the Board of Trustees

Elections are open to all members, both to run and to vote.  Elections take place at the annual General Member Meeting, notified to members with current addresses on file, and notified in the store.

Members who seek election to the board may be nominated or nominate themselves by filling out an application. The application asks candidates about their experience, vision and relevant interests. Candidate statements are made available in the store, and online.

In-store voting takes place for thirty days after the general meeting, using secret balloting and secure lockbox. All members of the cooperative are encouraged to vote!

The Board of Trustees consists of nine members, elected to two-year terms. The Bylaws of the Corporation specify the powers of the Board, while certain rights and decisions are reserved for the General Membership.   The Board uses a 2/3 majority-vote for decision-making.

Our Dedicated Staff

Our dedicated staff includes several founding members with more than 15 years experience helping KNFC customers and members.

Our commitment to service includes special ordering products for our customers, researching and sourcing specialty products for our members, and contacting customers when orders come in.

We put the customer first, so please feel free to ask any staff member for assistance! We are a full-service grocery, so if you can’t find what you need, please ask one of our friendly staff members!

Remember: KNFC membership means you are an owner!

Elizabeth Ryan, Buying Coordinator
Sheila Harko, Finance Coordinator
Jeff Ingram, Facilities Coordinator
Maryjayne Stone, Buyer
Amie Pierre, Delivery Clerk
Lysa Anderson, Clerk
Lisa Brusso, Clerk
Tanner Dionne, Clerk
Ben Faulhaber, Clerk
Heidi Horvath, Clerk
Alexis Kirby, Clerk
Susan Root, Clerk
Daniel Ryan, Clerk
Barb Withee, Clerk